The importance of having a good computer chair can certainly not be overemphasized. If you intend to work on your computer for long hours and yet you don’t have the right chair, you are likely to experience a myriad of health problems such as; carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, poor leg circulation and pain in the tail bone. All these problems result from sitting in an inappropriate posture for prolonged periods of time. A computer chair is not like any other chair , it is characterised by special features that make it suitable for use over long time periods. Therefore, when buying a computer chair, it is imperative to ensure that the chair you select has these special features.

The first feature that the computer chair you purchase should have is the ability to accommodate your specific needs. Chairs with this ability are generally referred to as Ergonomic chairs. Ergonomically designed computer seats ensure supreme body comfort because their main parts such as the arms, back rest and sitting region are adjustable. As a consequence of this adjustability, the amount of stress placed on the muscles and joints is reduced by a significant extent. As a result, the chances of suffering from muscle and joint stress related complications is minimal.

It is important to ensure that the backrest of your computer chair is of the appropriate size. Ideally, the backrest should be 12 to 19 inches wide. The backrest plays the exceedingly crucial role of spine support. Therefore, it should be able to support the spine’s natural curve in addition to supporting the lumber region. The backrest can only perform these two crucial functions effectively if both its angle and height are adjustable. To prevent the backrest from shifting to another position once the appropriate angle has been set, a locking mechanism should be available.

The general, height, width and depth of the chair must be suitable to ensure comfort. For Ergonomic office chairs, the height is normally adjustable so the seats have exceedingly few problems with regard to it. However, the width and depth of chairs are usually non-adjustable and hence the seat with the appropriate width and depth has to be selected during purchase. The standard width of computer seats is about 18 inches and hence the width of the chair you buy should be close to this in order to ensure your comfort. The depth of the seat (the length of the sitting region) should be sufficient to enable you to comfortably sit with your back against the backrest.

Other features that a good computer chair should boast of are: a seat that has a level surface that is free of exaggerated undulations, firmness and the seat and the backrest should be perpendicular to each other. Generally, a good computer chair is one that forces you to sit upright. This is a rule of thumb for all computer seats. You should avoid the ones that force you to sit in a forward position that is slumped or cause the back to curve. Even if a chair has all the key features mentioned , it should not be picked if it is made of poor quality materials. Certainly, with regard to quality, no compromise should be made.